Big Famili de retour sur le devant de la scène!

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BADADAM – Big Famili (English version)



All guns are loaded to shoot pooo !
Crime is legal, everyone wants a gun
That system has no mercy : Guns are made to shoot. Bullets will put you down.
All guns are loaded
All men have their gun
Everyone is in danger, bullets are shot every where
Stop shooting your brother
Stop shooting your sister
Stop cleaning your gun, you’d better spread love around
Stop disappointing you mom
Stop disappointing you dad
Stop pulling your gun out to fire shots
I better not step on your feet
So you don’t start anything on me
I better not watch you
So you don’t think i give you bad looks
I better not bump into you when you’re angry bad man
I prefer avoiding you
A man wounded, wounded, lying in the streets
People are watching, watching, no one seem to care
Blood is running, running, sadly it’s already too late
Bad man is taking Life, Oh no Jah, don’t say that
No we don’t want gun, we don’t gun, we don’t want gun gun gun
We don’t want gun, we don’t need more problem, no.
No we don’t want gun, we don’t gun, we don’t want gun gun gun
We don’t want gun, too many mothers in pain
No we don’t want gun, we don’t gun, we don’t want gun gun gun
Babylone system does it like a factory
No we don’t want gun, we don’t gun, we don’t want gun gun gun
Lord have mercy
They legalised gun business, you can buy bullets box cheap
Sub-machine guns, Desert Eagle, Smith & Wessun became common
All young boys own a gun, in every country gun run things.
All kind of guns, it became fashion, but it’s not a joke, it’s lethal weapon
The Experts in Manhattan everyday on national TV
Criminal Minds, New York Special Units
Badness must be poured in your eyes everyday to grab your mental
To be an actor tomorrow, boycott bullet proof vest
Gaza is firing gun
Madinina is firing gun
Gwada is firing gun
Jamaica is firing gun
Iraq is firing gun
Tchad is firing gun
Rwanda is firing gun
Guyana is firing gun
Brazil is firing gun
The US are firing gun
Congo is firing gun
Mexico is firing gun
Haiti is firing gun
Russia is firing gun
France, Mali, Syria

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